AGV Supervisor

AGV Supervisor

AGV Supervisor

AGVs are controlled by a wireless 'Supervisor' software that acquires information from the various production lines and determines which operations are required according to the activation of manual/automatic status or pick/place status of the loading units.

A 'Traffic Manager' software routine searches possible interferences between the various AGVs and defines their mission path by exchanging information with the Supervisor interrogating the PLCs/PCs connected via Ethernet.

The system may also incorporate other devices, such as button consoles for the evacuation of loading units, HMI barcode scanners, etc.

Data tracking

The graphic interface provides information about the various loading units present on the machines and in parking areas, as well as those carried by any single vehicle.

Parking management criteria

Depending on the type of parking system (floor, loading stands, block storage, shelves etc.), picking and placing of the loading units is managed according to:

  • product code
  • available spaces
  • necessity to organize products on a first-in-first-out (FIFO), last-in-first-out (LIFO), first expired first out (FEFO) basis
  • storage time of the product (curing, quarantine, despatch schedules, etc.).
  • shipment sequence