AGV for Continental, Ristora, Coca-Cola Femsa

01 December 2014

The System AGV business line of the System Group obtained significant orders from Europe and South America. Continental, a leading company in Europe and worldwide in the pneumatic sector for cars and heavy vehicles, confirmed the purchase of a system for the production site in Slovakia and a second one in the Czech Republic. The supply involves bilateral AGV for the warehouse and counterweight AGV for coil transportation. 
News from the food&beverage sectors. The Prontofood companies - with the brands Ristora, Maraviglia, Idrolitina, Frizzina, Ideal, Prolati - chose a counterweight AGV system for the warehouse with shuttle and in South America, the Brazilian Coca-Cola Femsa Jundiaì purchased, through System Logistics, an automated warehouse supplier, AGV vehicles equipped with double forks.