AGVs are equipped with different safety devices

Sick PLS Proximity Laser Scanner

Sick PLS (Proximity Laser Scanner) is an optical sensor that traces a series of areas around the vehicle to detect the presence of obstacles throughout the route.

When an obstacle is detected by the PLS in the surrounding areas, the vehicle slows down. If the obstacle doesn’t move away and the two objects get too close to each other, the AGV stops immediately within a safe distance.

Vehicle operation

In case the software path is interrupted by any obstacle (anything not mapped in the navigation map), the vehicle slows down and signals the problem with a buzzer and a flashing light lamp. If the obstacle doesn’t move away, the vehicle stops immediately. If the obstacle is removed, the vehicle restarts automatically without the need of being rearmed.

Strips and/or Emergency buttons
The vehicles can be equipped with safety devices with micro-contacts which are able to stop the vehicle when necessary.

Visual/acoustic signals with intermittent flashing light/siren
The vehicles are equipped with flashing lamps placed at the end of the rollbar, which signals the operation status.

Projector/Receiver (of needed for the exchange of signals with bays/machines).